How to create Windows 7/Vista Bootable USB

Normally we use Bootable DVD/CD to install or boot from windows but if you have your CD/DVD Drive damaged, then booting from USB is the Best options. Also it saves time as USB runs and install windows faster than Optical CD/DVD. For Making Bootable USB of Windows 7/Vista, you must require Bootable DVD/CD of Windows or ISO Image. If you … Read more

How do I Test My Anti Virus Installation

After installing Anti Virus, you may logically wonder, how do I know if it’s working? The answer is a test virus. The EICAR Standard Anti Virus Test File is a combined effort by anti-virus vendors throughout the world to implement one standard by which customers can verify their anti-virus installations. To test your installation, copy the following line into a … Read more

Portable Browser in USB Flash Drive

Hello Friends this post would be very interesting for you. When ever you are using someone’s computer you have realized sometime that you don’t know a password because as it was saved on your browser, or you want to show some website which was in your bookmarks or sometimes you don’t want to use the default browser on that PC. … Read more

Enable USB Ports Disabled by Virus

Creating a Good Virus is Important but How to Repair Your Computer/Files Infected by Virus is more Important, So here is Solution of Virus Which will Disable Your USB Ports. Just Run .exe file and Your Ports will start Working Again Install Turbo C or C++ Open TC.exe and there write the coding #include<stdlib.h> void main() { system(“reg add HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Services\\USBSTOR … Read more

How to create a Virus To disable USB Ports

Virus is a program which infects computer, in different way. I am explaining about a Virus Which can easily be made in C or C++. When we run .exe file of this Pen drive-usb virus then whenever we connect pen drive with our computer usb,it will not be connected. Operating System would not be able to detect pen drive. Code … Read more

Star Wars Movie Hidden in every Computer

Would you believe if I say that every computer has a hidden Star Wars Movie Inside it? Don’t believe me.. Read on.. Every computer, no matter what operating System you are using has a star wars movie inside it. You just need to have internet connection and Telnet enabled in it. To enable telnet in Vista,Windows 7 :  just Go to … Read more