How to Hide Your IP Address (IP Spoofing)

One of the Important point in Hacking is Hiding yourself from target, So that nobody can trace your Location or any other information. So the Most important task the Hackers perform while attacking a target is to hide their IP Address. By Hiding the IP Address it means that the IP Address detected by servers or other people will be different from your actual IP Address. This Technique of Pretending or Hiding the IP is also called IP Spoofing.

There are Several Ways of Spoofing Your IP :

  • Proxy Servers: Proxy Servers act as an intermediary between you and the Other Servers/Sites you are accessing. When You open a site through Proxy Server, It hides Your IP and shows its own IP to the Server/Site.In simple way it is marking your Proxy to the site like students marks proxy in Colleges.

List of some Top Active Proxy Sites can be viewed from Here.

But the Disadvantage of using Proxy Servers is that When you open a site through Proxy Servers, It acts like Javascript is disabled on Your Browser.So you may not View the Target as its actual view.

  • Tor Browser: This is much better than Proxy Servers and I’ll Prefer this. This is a Modified Firefox browser. This browser will change your IP Address to some random one, Which can be of a different country. Download it from Here

For further Reference and Knowledge of Tor browser Visit:

So now Nobody will see your actual IP and you will be safe from cops.

Enjoy Learning Hacking…..

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