How to update pirated Windows

If you have Pirated Windows whatever version you have, then it is suggested not to update pirated windows and make windows update turn off. Because If you update pirated windows it will stop running and an error message will be displayed after some time that says “Your Windows is not genuine”.

But there is a way to Download and install updates in Pirated windows without being caught. All updates are not made for finding and reporting whether Windows is genuine or not. There is a Particular update which is installed and scan your computer to Find Whether Windows is Genuine or not. If you do not install this Particular update then you will never face any error message of ingenuity and you can enjoy installing Windows Updates.

How To :

  • Goto Control Panel->Windows Update. Then select xx important updates are available. Where xx represent the no of Important Updates.
  • There find a Update Named “Update For Windows 7(KB91033)”. Note the no. KB971033. It is same for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

  • Uncheck that update and install the others. If you never install this(KB971033) update you never will be caught.

One more Tip I want to give is before installing any windows update, Read its info on right hand side panel. If it says that it is used to check windows activation and activation exploits. Then never install it. Other updates are never harmful.

Enjoy Pirated and updated Windows!!!

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