How To Make Adobe Reader as Fast as Notepad

When we open Adobe Reader it takes some time to load, it is not as fast as notepad opens. It is a very good software except the fact that it is extremely slow. So Today I am explaining a small tutorial to make adobe Reader Faster. Note:- I tried this trick on Adobe reader 9.0 ( but it works with older … Read more

Script to Change Home Page of Browser

Sometime We want to set the Home Page of Visitor Browser with our site. So that when he/she starts the browser, our site will be opened. You have seen this very often that When you download or installed a software or Add-on your home page is changed. So today i am presenting to you a small JavaScript Code which will be able … Read more

How to Crash Hard Disk of Victim’s Computer

I have seen many questions on online forums that how to crash a hard disk. Many Tech-Guru’s come with a solution to use batch Programming in which they create folder inside folder and repeat it inside a loop for infinite times. But it is not a practical Solution, because a Folder size is in KB’s so it does not matter … Read more

How to Configure PHP5 on Windows 7 using IIS7

Most People uses Wamp or Xampp as Web server for PHP programming in Windows. But on Professional Web servers or Hosting Servers IIS is used in Combination with Windows. Because IIS have more compatibility with Windows as both are products of Microsoft. It’s configuration is more tricky as compared to Wamp or Xampp. So This Tutorial Explains Configuring PHP5 on … Read more

Hack Windows Super User Privileges

GodMode is actually a content folder that can be created by adding a special set of characters to the folder name and it contains all the control option settings, Windows settings and everything else. This Folder let you Control Settings which are not available to Limited User and you can access them just by creating this Folder. So basically you … Read more