Star Wars Movie Hidden in every Computer

Would you believe if I say that every computer has a hidden Star Wars Movie Inside it? Don’t believe me.. Read on..

Every computer, no matter what operating System you are using has a star wars movie inside it. You just need to have internet connection and Telnet enabled in it.

To enable telnet in Vista,Windows 7 :

  •  just Go to Program and Features In Control Panel and click on Turn Windows Features On or Off On left side. Click Telnet Client On the Dialog Box Which appears. In Windows XP and Linux , Telnet is automatically enabled.

Its basically a Telnet command but it can make you really cool among your friends. Now moving on to the Star Wars part.
Star Wars Hidden in Every Computer

  • Just copy the command below and paste it in Run. You should be connected to the INTERNET for using this.
  • Go to Starts–>Programs–>Run in Windows. Press Ctrl+Alt+T in Ubuntu and BackTrack to goto Terminal.
  • Type telnet
  •  And hit enter……… Enjoy the magic!

I hope you liked it.

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