Enable USB Ports Disabled by Virus

Creating a Good Virus is Important but How to Repair Your Computer/Files Infected by Virus is more Important, So here is Solution of Virus Which will Disable Your USB Ports. Just Run .exe file and Your Ports will start Working Again

  • Install Turbo C or C++
  • Open TC.exe and there write the coding

void main()

system(“reg add HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Services\\USBSTOR \/v Start \/t REG_DWORD \/d 3 \/f”);

  • Above Line system(“…………………”); it is in one Line
  • Save The Above Program as unblockusb.c or any other name. Compile and Run the above Program
  • Congratulation! you are succesfull to create .exe file to unblock USB
  • Now go to drive where C is installed (Open TC folder) and then BIN ,have that unblockusb.exe to be used……….
  • Run that unblockusb.exe to reverse the effect of usbblock.exe.

Hope Now all your Ports are Working Again…

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