Portable Browser in USB Flash Drive

Hello Friends this post would be very interesting for you. When ever you are using someone’s computer you have realized sometime that you don’t know a password because as it was saved on your browser, or you want to show some website which was in your bookmarks or sometimes you don’t want to use the default browser on that PC. … Read more

Enable USB Ports Disabled by Virus

Creating a Good Virus is Important but How to Repair Your Computer/Files Infected by Virus is more Important, So here is Solution of Virus Which will Disable Your USB Ports. Just Run .exe file and Your Ports will start Working Again Install Turbo C or C++ Open TC.exe and there write the coding #include<stdlib.h> void main() { system(“reg add HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Services\\USBSTOR … Read more

How to create a Virus To disable USB Ports

Virus is a program which infects computer, in different way. I am explaining about a Virus Which can easily be made in C or C++. When we run .exe file of this Pen drive-usb virus then whenever we connect pen drive with our computer usb,it will not be connected. Operating System would not be able to detect pen drive. Code … Read more

Star Wars Movie Hidden in every Computer

Would you believe if I say that every computer has a hidden Star Wars Movie Inside it? Don’t believe me.. Read on.. Every computer, no matter what operating System you are using has a star wars movie inside it. You just need to have internet connection and Telnet enabled in it. To enable telnet in Vista,Windows 7 :  just Go to … Read more

How To Make Adobe Reader as Fast as Notepad

When we open Adobe Reader it takes some time to load, it is not as fast as notepad opens. It is a very good software except the fact that it is extremely slow. So Today I am explaining a small tutorial to make adobe Reader Faster. Note:- I tried this trick on Adobe reader 9.0 ( but it works with older … Read more

How to Crash Hard Disk of Victim’s Computer

I have seen many questions on online forums that how to crash a hard disk. Many Tech-Guru’s come with a solution to use batch Programming in which they create folder inside folder and repeat it inside a loop for infinite times. But it is not a practical Solution, because a Folder size is in KB’s so it does not matter … Read more